15 Spectacular Reasons to Visit the Improved ABG Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is now open again nearly one year after being under construction.  Named the Lou Glenn Children’s Garden after the original garden’s designer, the newly renovated garden provides the opportunity for children and nature to engage even better than before.  Here are fifteen spectacular reasons to visit the children’s garden at Atlanta Botanical Garden today.


Creative Stations

Be on the lookout for several stations throughout the garden for the kiddos to imagine and create.  On our most recent visit, there was a station to decorate a crown made entirely of  flowers, play musical instruments from Asia and Africa, as well as use decorative rocks to create a new design.


The glass enclosed beehive where kids can learn about these honey producing worker “bees” was welcomed back to the garden.

Learning Opportunities

Not only will families enjoy seeing all that the gardens have to offer but they will also learn about nature as there are lots of signs throughout the gardens to educate and teach .

Flower Growth Chart

The flower growth chart where families could mark their children’s growth was re-introduced  into the new garden.

Acorn-Shaped Bird Houses (*NEW)

Whimsical birdhouses perched up high would attract any small bird looking for a new home. What makes these birdhouses extra special is they were painted by talented students from Grady High School; a local school in the area.

Construct a House (*NEW)

Kids can be an engineer and meet a new friend in the process by building a house made entirely  of balsam wood.


Cross a Bridge or two (*NEW)

Balance your way on not one, but two wobbly bridges.

Edible Garden

With a nod to Beatrix Potter, the edible garden is a fun and smart way to directly engage children with even more of what the garden has to offer.


Serpentine Path (*NEW)

As you make your way along the garden path, you come face to face with a sssssslithery new friend.

Slate Wall Painting (*NEW)

Using only water, your budding artist can paint a slate wall without all the mess.

A Larger Splash Pad (*New)

Kiddos can get a break from the heat in a larger splash area space.  There are plenty of places for  parents and caregivers to sit without getting wet.


What the parents will love…


Plenty of spots to sit and enjoy the gardens while your kiddos explore.

Green Environment

A water bottle filling station is available in the garden along with several water fountains to quench your thirst.

Renovated Bathrooms

A family bathroom was a welcomed addition to the garden area.

Phase 2 Coming Soon!!!

Finally, what is yet one more spectacular reason to visit the new children’s garden….phase 2 is set to open soon!!! Come back and climb the new treehouse, visit the frog bog and take a stroll through the gnome grotto.

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