Sugar + Spice from O-Ku Atlanta

OKu sugar and spice atlanta on the rocks

Sugar + Spice from O-Ku Atlanta

This delicious libation from O-Ku Atlanta was created by Indigo Road’s Jasmine Beck, and I’m wondering if the name isn’t a little autobiographic, as well. (Go, girl!) It starts with an infused vodka, using habaneros. While Jasmine’s technique is hush hush, I’ll tell you what we do (as this is a staple in the 365 liquor cabinet.) Dice the pepper and then add it straight to the vodka, allowing it to macerate for about 30 minutes before straining into your cocktail shaker with the other ingredients. We usually run with about 1/2 a pepper per 12 oz of vodka…but we like it hot. I love that this drink also uses an uncommon (but delicious) element… passionfruit puree. You probably don’t have it in your fridge, but you can get it at a quality grocery store or on Amazon.

Sugar + Spice: The Recipe

Sugar + Spice atlanta on the rocks

2 ounces habanero infused vodka

1.5 passionfruit puree

.25 lemon juice

.5 simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar)





About O-Ku Atlanta

I am so thrilled to share O-Ku with you this week, as I recently visited with the family and I am here to tell you that it was THE BEST sushi experience I have ever had. Ever. (You remember I lived in Tokyo for four years, right?) Coming later this month I will share a link to my newest USAToday 10Best list where I name O-Ku the #1 best sushi in Atlanta.

Enjoy small plates and chef specialties; my favorite dish on the menu are the Otoro Spoons with otoro (rich, fatty tuna) tartare, uni, soy, scallions and a dab of caviar. Uni is always a tell-tail indicator of the quality of fish at a restaurant, and it was spot-on. These flavors meld in your mouth like heaven, and I literally dream about them regularly.

You can also select slightly cooked sushi pieces, chef created nigiri (the Ahi Poke with its light touch of mustard dressing is surprising and delicious!) Another fun section of the menu are the Hot Entrees with Beef Sukiyaki, Misoyaki (sea bass,) and my favorite…Lobster Tobanyaki. They bring to your table a small clay pot holding a warming fire, with a dish on top to keep the lobster and mushrooms warm. You can hear them sizzle in the soy truffle butter. My mouth is watering as I remember it…here’s a tip though. Order this first! I had it as the final part of my meal and I couldn’t finish it all (which still breaks my heart.)

Why wait until the weekend to go out? Especially with O-Ku’s Sushi Happy Hour. Every Monday and Wednesday, O-Ku invites guests to join in on the fun with half off all sushi rolls from 5 to 7 p.m.

One final note, I know it’s chilly outside now, but do not miss their rooftop patio this spring. From this Westside eatery at the Old Ironworks you have an amazing view of Midtown. Check out the photo below!

Atlanta on the rocks adv


Otoro Spoons O-Ku

My favorite item on the menu are the beautiful and delicious Otoro Spoons

O-Ku's Marilyn Mon Roll is just one of dozens of delicious bites

O-Ku’s Marilyn Mon Roll is just one of dozens of delicious bites

O-Ku's interior is modern, with eggplant seating and driftwood accents

O-Ku’s interior is modern, with eggplant seating and driftwood accents

Oku rooftop

O-Ku’s idyllic rooftop dining on the Westside with a beautiful skyline view



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