Best Paintball Atlanta Offers (and discount links)

Paintball in Atlanta is great fun for the older kids, perfect for birthday parties, and wonderful for family bonding. I mean, really, can you think of a better way to let out a little pent-up aggression? All in good fun of, course. And now with so may places offering low-impact options, even kiddos as young as 7 years old can partake in the fun!

paintball atlanta

Here are the most popular paintball locations in Atlanta, as well as a few on the outskirts of the city.

Paintball Atlanta

Paintball Atlanta (Alpharetta) Paintball Atlanta is one of the largest paintball locations in the city, and they have been around the longest. The Shiloh Rd location offers six different fields. Rentals include premium guns and masks, air tanks and ammo. Enjoy Open Play on Saturdays and Sundays. Click for Groupon discounts for Paintball Atlanta.


Dosser Works Paintball (Atlanta) Dosser Works Paintball offers five fields, including a tournament-sized field that rests on the highest natural point in Atlanta, making for spectacular views. The play area at Dosser Works Paintball has expanded to include two new fields called “The Back Lands” with two airplanes, a derelict van, two mountains connected by a bridge, topped with flag towers. There is also a covered staging area for those who might wish to partake in the sport of spectating. Rentals and concessions (hot dogs, etc) available. Click for Groupon discounts for Dosser Works Paintball.


Wildfire Paintball (Conyers and Snellville) The Snellville location provides an indoor location; outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the Conyers location. There are great weekday special deals at the Snellville indoor location. I also love that they offer low impact, SPLATMASTER, games for kids 7-12. Great introduction for the younger crowd. Click here for Groupon discounts for Wildfire Paintball.


Classic Paintball (Lithia Springs) Classic Paintball gives players five different fields, both for recreational and advanced players. Covered picnic areas also available. Prices vary based on whether or not you have your own equipment. Paintball ammo available for purchase. Open Play on weekends; weekday private rental also available. Click here for Groupon discounts for Classic Paintball.


Xtreme Paintball (Conyers) Three acres of battlefields are all the rage at Xtreme Paintball. Built for beginners and advanced paintball warriors, there are leagues as well as rentals. Also here, Little League Paintball and low-impact markers for kids 7 and up.  Open play on weekend; Private rental on weekdays. Click here for Groupon discounts for Xtreme Paintball.


Additional Paintball Locations:

Arkenstone Paintball & Airsoft (Acworth and Dallas)

Carnage Paintball (Woodstock)

Nitro Paintball (Canton) Low-impact available

Hot Shots Paintball (McDonough)



Disclosure: When possible, we’ve added Groupon discounts for you. These are affiliate links. That means they cost you nothing, but help me save a little cash to send my own kids to the paintball field.

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