The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead

The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead

The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead

I’ve been to a number of luxury hotels, but never a Ritz-Carlton, so this was a first for the boys and me.

As we arrived, my littlest man decided he was hungry and grumpy – lucky me, no? Right away, a sweet Guest Relations woman came to my rescue, forever setting apart Ritz-Carlton Buckhead for me.  She offered up a Cliff bar and handsome stuffed lion to my cranky toddler; I will always be grateful for this child-whisperer that righted our overnight adventure.

The lobby was opulant with wood grain walls, and pearly purple and blue seating areas.  It was warm and welcoming, and we immediately sighed relief from the business of the rush hour traffic.  Check-in was a breeze. The Ritz Kids desk was situated in the front, as well, but we did not parrticipate in that program.

Our room was much like other upscale hotel rooms, with comfy beds, a chair, desk, large TV, and bar area.  It included a fridge with an honest bar, and a modest bathroom. But our most exciting adventure was not in the room, but at the pool!

We spent several hours at the pool, with two evening visits and a morning dip, as well.  The saline pool was heated and delightful.  I enjoyed the easy access from the fitness locker rooms to the pool. The locker rooms were expansive, with showers and a sauna. I loved the plastic bags available to guests for wet swimsuits, too!

Around the pool were boogie boards and noodles for the kiddos to play with.  We also enjoyed the hottub/whirlpool.

The space was very large, with plenty of chairs and loungers.  We visited in winter, so the patio was closed, but large glass doors opened up to a gorgeous outdoor patio with more lounging space. Also, the ceiling over the pool was glass, allowing in natural sunlight and brightness.

Another Guest Service member delivered cute RCBuckhead rubber ducks for the boys to enjoy in the pool, and after we completed our swim, my famished little ones welcomed the bowl of fruit near the entrance.

The pool was a big win with my boys; the continued kindness and attentiveness of Guest Services stole my heart.  I highly recommend a stay at Ritz-Carlton Buckhead.

(RCBuckhead discourages photography of their guests — another reason to love them — so I only have a few photos to show you. Enjoy!)



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At the pool:

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Disclosure: Thanks to RCBuckhead for hosting my family and me. Regardless, the opinions here are my own…this pool is to die for! #keepingitreal

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