Toscana Rossa from Colletta Restaurant

Toscana Rossa Colletta Cocktail Recipe

Toscana Rossa from Colletta Restaurant

While many a drink calls for pomegranate as a mixer, Colletta brings its signature eclectic style to the Toscana Rossa by adding a touch of Cardamom syrup. This India-born spice is the food world’s latest aromatic trend. It’s both sweet and savory, and definitely sexy. Don’t be afraid of the syrup- it’s easy to make and it will last in your fridge for months. Impress your friends and spice up your ho-hum vodka mixer with this winter treat from Colletta.

Toscana Rossa: The Recipe

Toscana Rossa Colletta Cocktail FullIngredients

1.5oz CatHead Vodka

1oz Pomegranate juice

3/4oz Lime juice

0.5oz Cardamom syrup*

dash of Angostura Bitters

Pomegranate seeds for garnish


*When I made this at home I followed this easy recipe for Cardamom Syrup.

About Colletta Restaurant

Savor a new spin on traditional Northern Italian dishes, created with the discriminating eye and warm heart of Chef Michael Perez. Pasta, pizza and small plates (with gracious servings) satisfy your tastebuds, while the upscale but casual space makes you feel at home. Guests catch a glimpse of the kitchen and pasta table from their seats, feeling the warmth of Italy’s welcome. When the weather cooperates, a table on the breezy patio offers people-watching over Avalon’s shopping and residential oasis.

The menu is an ever-changing array of flavors, and I find that I have a new “favorite” every time I visit. Meatballs, stuffed pastas, braised short ribs….everything on the menu is packed with flavor. A lunch favorite is the pizza, specifically the Four Cheese. In fact, I named Colletta a top 10 pizza restaurant for USA Today.

Ready to visit? Consider a Sunday night date- Sunday Night Wine Flight begins January 10. Every Sunday from 5 to 9 p.m., Colletta is offering a special flight featuring three different wines alongside small bites prepared by Chef Perez for just $16.

Atlanta on the rocks adv



Pizza at Colletta

Amazing pizza options at Colletta

Colletta Avalon

Inside Colletta

Chef Mike Perez

Chef Mike Perez


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