Two Ways to Wine in Dahlonega


Dahlonega is home to five wineries. Lumpkin County vineyards annually produce almost 100 acres of grapes yielding 23,000 bottled cases and attracting over 100,000 wine enthusiasts. While there are myriad ways to explore the Georgia wine country, here are two options we enjoyed – both with and without kiddos.

4 reasons Cavender Creek Vineyards is a great stop with kids


Cavender Creek Vineyards is Dahlonega’s newest winery, where we were welcomed while visiting with our young boys. Here is why it worked for us.

Donkeys! Donkey Hotie and two other cohorts live on the farmland at Cavender Creek. Donkey Hotie is a unique guy – his parents were among the donkeys that once roamed Ossabaw Island. My guys loved petting and feeding these gentle animals whose caricature is captured on the Cavender Creek bottles.

Music! Enjoy live music every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The music is always family-friendly, and this event is a wonderful way to unwind with friends while enjoying a superior bottle of vino.

Cabin! The vineyard is planned around an old family farm theme, complete with a 1820s log cabin, which the owners disassembled, moved from TN, and then reassembled, on the property. The inside is charming, with wonderful views of the vineyards. The cabin can be rented for a sweet vacation, but it was not occupied when we visited so the boys loved taking a tour.

Patio! When the weather is nice, the patio is where the musicians play. It overlooks the vineyards and donkeys, with a roof to keep off the bright sun. There are ample seating areas, with access to the tasting room. We enjoyed a wine tasting (four wines for $5) while the boys relaxed on the patio, coming in a few times to steal an oyster cracker from the tasting room.


Why the Dahlonega Wine Walk Passport is a must-experience downtown date night


Full disclosure: we thought we would try the Wine Walk Passport with the kiddos, but it just didn’t work. The wine tasting rooms didn’t baulk when we brought our kids in, but they are obviously not set up for children. We ended up having to offer the boys our iPhones (it was Minecraft madness) and then cut our tour short. However, the Wine Walk Passport is AWESOME and I highly recommend it for a date night! Here’s why!

Savings! Head to the Dahlonega Visitors Center for your wine passport. The cost is $25 per passport. This gives you four tastings at four different tasting rooms on the square, for a savings of $15 if done separately. (Just a note – there are actually six tasting rooms on the square, but only four participate in the program.)

Variety! The tasting rooms on the Dahlonega square do not represent the five wineries in Dahlonega. This means you can visit the wineries and then come to the square for an even greater selection of Georgia wines.

Many thanks to the Dahlonega Tasting Room (featuring Habersham Wines) for spending extra time with us to talk about their wines. Dahlonega Tasting Room is the oldest tasting room on the Dahlonega Square, selling Habersham Wines for over 20 years. Habersham is the oldest and largest winery in North Georgia. If you’re in Helen, be sure to stop at the vineyard for complimentary wine tastings.


Disclosure: Thank you to Cavender Creek and Dahlonega Tasting Room for the complimentary tastings and southern hospitality. This is no way impacted our opinions here. #keepingitreal


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