#weloveatl: art, culture and charity in a single hashtag [photo gallery]


Did you know that adding the #weloveatl hashtag to your depiction of life in Atlanta could potentially feed someone in need?


Most Atlanta art projects are found painted on walls and art galleries around the city- not on your computer or in a mobile gallery.


#weloveatl is unique


#weloveatl is more than a hashtag; it’s a mission. Through this Instagram hashtag, three photography friends are changing lives.

Tim Moxley, Aaron Coury, Brandon Barr and Keith Weaver met in a coffee shop and birthed the hashtag, hoping to use it as a means of curating photos of the city that really spoke to the heart of Atlanta.

They wanted to then assemble prints of the photos into a mini art show with a goal of raising money for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.


Ready for the awesome part?


They were thinking a handful of photos would come in….but within a month they had 5,000!

By 2013 they had 10,000 photos in their collection, and today they work with over 50,000 photos.

A kickstarter campaign helped them raise money for a mobile gallery (think food truck style.) With this mobile gallery and the help of Atlantans like you, they have fed over 30,000 people in need across Atlanta.


I had the opportunity to go on a photo walk led by Tim Moxley. He told us about this project and showed us some of the great hidden photo ops in Midtown (my translations are below – don’t laugh at this amateur!)

It was an honor to hear from him directly, let alone walk the city with him…one of those moments you hold with you for a lifetime.


Love the mission? Live it!


As you live life in Atlanta, I encourage you to look at it with a discerning eye. What are you passing every day that carries its own beauty? What do you see regularly that speaks the greatness of our city? Capture it with your phone and tag it with #weloveatl

Your love of the city and keen eye just might feed a hungry soul next month.


Our photo walk:

1. We began at W Midtown, turned right out of the main door and headed to Peachtree.

2. We walked along Peachtree toward the Woodruff Art Center, where we crossed the street and spent some time on campus there.

3. We walked North on Peachtree, back to 14th Street, where we crossed and walked toward Piedmont Park.

4. In Piedmont Park we visited the playground, then walked to the duck pond, which we circled for a great shot of the skyline, then headed back to W Midtown.

The photos here are in chronological order from this walk

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2 Comments on "#weloveatl: art, culture and charity in a single hashtag [photo gallery]"

  1. Tim Moxley | 11/29/2015 at 7:46 pm | Reply

    Hey! Thanks so much for the kind words and awesome write up. Can you add Brandon Barr as one of the founders along with Keith, Aaron, and myself? Again we really appreciate the story. Hope to see you on our next photo walk/instameet!

    • Hey Tim – embarrassed I missed that. I owe him a beer. Updated! As soon as the broken leg heals, I’ll be there! Love what you guys are doing!!

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