7 UGA Camp Options for Tweens and Teens

UGA’s Summer Academy Youth Camps offers a plethora of unique camps for middle and high school kids. These specialty camps allow kids to experience dream jobs in a hands-on, practical manner.  What I love about this, is that it opens their eyes to what to expect in the real world…they can come closer to understanding if this is a field they want to enter, a subject they want to pursue, or a direction they want to head.

Classes are filling up very, very quickly. I’m going to highlight SEVEN specific camps below. As of this writing, these classes are not filled, but they certainly don’t represent everything that is offered and available! Be sure to check out the website for more information!


Beta Beats: Basic Music Production

If your kiddo has little to no background in electronic music production, but is dying to learn, this class is for them! Students learn how to make electronic beats, loops, samples, and songs. With advances in computing, music production is easier, and more portable than it has ever been. Whether you have an aspiring producer, songwriter, or musician on your hands, this class will give them the basic tools necessary to make their first piece of electronic music.

Ages: 11-14 | Begins: July 6, 2015 | Day ($360) and Overnight ($760) options available | Pre-req: None.


Fibonacci, Fractals & 4-D (math)

Explore the geometric foundations of number patterns in this hands-on STEAM-focused math camp.  Think math is boring? Think again! Campers will discover logarithms, play Angry Birds equations, walk limits, make polygon polynomials, dissect pineapples, build Platonic Solids, and eat pi.

Ages: 11-14 | Begins: June 8, 2015 | Day ($350) and Overnight ($750) options available | Pre-req: Students should be performing at or above grade level in math.


Game Design: Tabletop & RPGs

Dungeons and Dragons is the ultimate predecessor to the role-playing game (RPG) and video game culture. Your kiddo could create the next D&D phenomenon in this camp focusing on the ancient art of face-to-face game playing.  Learn the basics of tabletop, board, card, and RPG games. Working in small teams, your kiddo will design and develop a prototype, and present the game to the public for feedback.

Ages: 11-17 | Begins: June 1, 2015 | Day ($350) and Overnight ($750) options available | Pre-req: None.


Money Dawgs

Forget boring financial lectures. There are no supply and demand graphs in this class. Campers experience hands-on games, funny stories, interesting facts and awesome field trips to learn about money.  Kids learn how to get the most from their money, make smart financial decisions, and learn about financial planning careers. In Athens, kids will visit financial institutions, participate in a bank search, and shop for bargains in local stores.

Ages: 11-14 | Begins: July 6, 2015 | Day ($350) and Overnight ($750) options available | Pre-req: None.


US National Security: Mock Council

Should be give up freedom for safety? That question sparks debate among many Americans today. Campers will don the shoes of policymakers in an attempt to answer it and other questions in the realm of national security.  Learn about people who have molded security policy, and take a swing at the craft yourself via simulations, role-play, and debate. With their ever-growing knowledge, campers will work together to solve a security crisis near the end of the week.

Ages: 13-17 | Begins: July 6, 2015 | Day ($350) and Overnight ($750) options available | Pre-req: Strong interest in government and current event; willingness to participate in role-play or debate.


Intermediate Sewing

Help our kiddo take their sewing skills to the next level. Take a field trip with the class to a local sewing store, where you learn about selecting fabrics. Dive deep into complex patters, with various closures, buttons, zippers, and other finishing techniques.  Gain insight into techniques that give your finished products a professional look, including how to make customizations. Leave camp with a finished, wearable project.

Ages: 13-17 | Begins: June 8, 2015 | Day ($350) and Overnight ($750) options available | Pre-req: Basic sewing knowledge; proficient with sewing machine, sewing terms, and tools.


Engineering Academy: Exploring Electricity

Perfect for aspiring electrical engineers or do-it-yourselfers. Explore the physical principals of electricity, and build a variety of circuits and devices. Experiments teach about voltage, resistance, current and capacity…all by designing and testing circuits in a hands-on environment. Each experiment grows more complex, building on concepts as the week goes on.

Ages: 11-15 | Begins: July 20, 2015 | Day ($360) and Overnight ($760) options available | Pre-req: None. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for UGA Summer Academy. But, if my word weren’t already good enough about UGA being a great place to send your kiddos, then track my wallet. We’ve got a daughter there already, and we’re sending our oldest son this fall.  #keepingitreal

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