Fall into a Dreamy Story Book at Be Our Guest Restaurant

The additions to Fantasyland at Walt Disney World really make you feel as if you are falling into a storybook, and the place I felt that most was in the Beast’s Castle at the Be Our Guest Restaurant. There are so many details that it’s hard to take it all in.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

The Beauty and the Beast Castle at Walt Disney World is home to the Be Our Guest Restaurant. The restaurant offers quick-service breakfast from 8 – 10:30 am, lunch from 11 am – 2:30 pm, then closes until 4 pm when it reopens for seated table service. This restaurant is as popular as Cinderella’s Castle, so expect a wait. A bit of a wait is worth it, especially for anyone that is a true fan of the Beauty and the Beast. Cross the bridge and enter through the iron gates into the story.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Menu

The Be Our Guest restaurant menu changes throughout the day. The Be Our Guest breakfast menu features egg dishes, as well as a croissant doughnut and a full kids menu. The Be Our Guest lunch menu is much nicer than other quick service restaurants at the park. You won’t find the burger and fries here. The Be Our Guest dinner menu is french inspired and includes a kids menu. Note, the kids menu doesn’t have any chicken fingers or burgers, but they do have mac n’ cheese

Be Our Guest Restaurant Entrance

Walk across the bridge into the story. Attention to detail and richness of storytelling are hallmarks of Be Our Guest Restaurant. I love the gargoyles throughout the castle. (David Roark, photographer)

Be Our Guest Restaurant Tips

To book Disney Be Our Guest reservations, call WDW Dine, the same place you call for all Disney dinner reservations. If you want to walk up, visit the podium in front of the restaurant around 4 pm to see if there are cancellations. If you don’t want to eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant, but you would like to see the castle, they offer sneak peak tours from park opening until 10 am. The tour is the only way to see the Castle unless you are dining there. Below is a preview of what you’ll find once you enter the Castle.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Armor Room 

Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Beast’s Castle: Entrance and Armor Hallway

I love the gargoyles that are the pillars for the entrance hall. They seem to watch you at every turn. Make sure to look to your left in the entrance hall for the mosaic of the Beast and Belle before heading to the right through the armory, where the knights interact with guests and each other. This was not up and running when we were there, but I imagine it will be like the old Adventurers club at Pleasure Island where the masks truly came alive, rather than a scripted set of responses.

Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Beasts Castle: Beast’s Parlor

The Beast’s Parlor is where you’ll order quick service meals. The hostess gives you a rose, which is used to activate the order. Once you’ve paid, find a seat and food is brought to you. The best part about eating here for quick service is picking the room you want to eat in. During table service, you don’t have a choice, although cast members will try to accommodate requests, it may not always be possible. It’s worth spending a few minutes in the Beast’s Parlor, even if you aren’t doing quick service. There are beautiful tapestries on the walls, and a big cozy fireplace.

Be Our Guest Restaurant Ballroom

Decorated with a coffered, 20-foot ceiling with fluffy clouds and cherubs, the ballroom at Be Our Guest Restaurant features sparkling chandeliers designed to convey the elegance of the Beast’s Castle in “Beauty and the Beast.” (David Roark, photographer)

Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Beasts Castle: Ballroom

This is where Belle and the Beast dance in the iconic scene from the movie and you can hear the Be Our Guest song. You’ll crane your neck looking up at the gorgeous coffered ceilings and golden chandeliers.  I kept expecting the Beast to come out on the balcony and wave. In fact, during dinner service, the Beast will make random appearances as the Master of the house. Listen closely to the music. Each room is playing the same song, but in very different ways to fit the mood.

Be Our Guest Restaurant the West Wing

Decorated with a portrait of the prince slashed by the claws of the beast, the West Wing at Be Our Guest Restaurant conveys the dark and mysterious design seen in Beast’s Castle in “Beauty and the Beast.” (David Roark, photographer)

Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Beasts Castle: West Wing

I couldn’t help but let a ‘wow’ escape when I entered the forbidden West Wing. It’s very dark and foreboding with torn drapes and a portrait of the Prince that has been slashed. In the corner, the single rose’s petals are falling.  This is the smallest of the dining rooms.

Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Beasts Castle: Rose Gallery

This is the largest room and includes Belle and the Beast dancing atop a music box. The dome above their head is an exact replica of the St. Chapelle cathedral near Notre-Dame in Paris. Along the walls are memorable scenes from the movie.  Be sure to look down in this room too. There are intricate tile mosaics on the floor.

Try the Grey Stuff

Of course you can’t leave the Castle without trying the Grey Stuff, after all, it’s what Luminere recommends. It is truly delicious. Disney won’t give out the recipe, but it tastes like a cookies and cream mousse. In talking with the head chef, he said they had no intentions of having it on the menu, but when they announced the restaurant, so many people mentioned how they were excited to finally try the grey stuff, so they went to work determining what exactly that would be.

Attractions Near Be Our Guest Restaurant

In addition to the Be Our Guest Restaurant, you can also find the Enchanted Tales with Belle attractions where you could be part of the show with Belle. If you didn’t get reservations at Be Our Guest Restaurant, try Gaston’s Tavern where you can try Lefous Brew, Disney’s answer to the successful butter beer drink in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter section of Universal Studios Orlando.

What: Be Our Guest Restaurant
Where: The Beast’s Castle in New Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World
When: Quick-service breakfast from 8 – 10:30 am, lunch from 11 am – 2:30 pm, then closes until 4 pm when it reopens for seated table service. (Reservations Required for dinner)
Photos: Visit our New Fantasyland Virtual Tour or Field Trips with Sue on Facebook

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I attended the Grand Opening of New Fantasyland as a guest of Walt Disney World.

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