Why We Love Hiking Lullwater Park at Emory University

Bundle up and head outdoors!  Lullwater Park is a haven for kids, with an old mill to see, a 210 ft long suspension bridge to cross, mini water falls to behold, and much to explore.

Most people familiar with the park will tell you that it is lovely, but parking is cruel.  Recently I went there, and learned this the hard way.  However, after 45 minutes of wandering around, I found a solution! Shhhh. Don’t tell your friends.

Don’t go into the main entrance! Head to the side, on Houston Mill Road.  On the left you will see Hahn Forest Park.  There is a small parking area for this park, but for us it was empty! Park here, and then take the trail under the road toward Lullwater.  You will hike a trail along the Yerkes fence line for about 10 minutes or so.  This trail will lead you right to the suspension bridge. You can cross the suspension bridge and hike the forest loop. We were anxious to see the ruins, so we played on the bridge a little bit, but ultimately  did not cross it. We stayed straight on our hike only a few hundred yards to the mill ruins, “waterfall” and sand play area behind the Lullwater mansion!

Please let me know how this secret works for you! I can’t wait to go back!


Lullwater Park Atlanta Emory

Lullwater Park Atlanta Emory

Lullwater Park Atlanta Emory


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13 Comments on "Why We Love Hiking Lullwater Park at Emory University"

  1. My sister and I made a giant list of new places we want to take our kids and explore this summer. Our first stop was here at Lullwater. We had a great time, and it was absolutely beautiful (we went just yesterday)! We can’t wait to try some other new places. Thanks for all the recommendations!

  2. Just wondering if the trail leading to the bridge is wheelchair accessible?

    • Sarah – the path I recommend taking in my post is not, but if you enter the park through the front gates, the road is paved and very wide. It will take you to within a few feet of the bridge.

  3. Lesli. What about parking. Where people park. any suggestions?


    • Sure. Park on Houston Mill Road at Hahn Forest Park. You’ll just follow the path under the bridge. It will take you to the bridge.

  4. Really like your site. But today was a bit more adventure than I planned for. We easily found the parking at Hahn Woods. And took the stairs down and under the road. But the walk to the bridge with a 3 and 4 year old was about 30 minutes. And from there I just assumed we were supposed to cross the bridge. But I’m thinking that was the wrong choice. Another hour of hiking a big circle, I bribed my kids back to the car without climbing any mansion. There’s not much signage so it was a bit of guess work. I was happy for shade but it was still hot… Maybe a bit more detail to get to the destination? Cheers

    • AMA – This breaks my heart!!! I hate that my directions were not clear and that you had a rough day! I want to cry!! I will update the post right this second. In the meantime, please please please email me your address. I have a $25 Starbucks card that you whole-heartedly deserve!! lesli (at) 365AtlantaFamily dot com.

  5. We parked at Hahn Forest. The path under the road was pretty treacherous. We had to navigate under supports and with the incline I was a little nervous with four kids. It was not a clear trail and we wandered around a little looking for a clear path. I would recommend this for kids 5 and up. Mine are 21 mos, 3 1/2, 6 and 7.

    • I’m going back on my recommendation. My 3 1/2 year old did the whole trail with out batting an eye including carrying a backpack with her lunch and water. We all loved this adventure, the kids (and I) were a bit skeptical when we saw the shady path under the road but we all had a blast! On the way back we just crossed the street and it was fine.

  6. Is it safe for a woman to walk the trails, waterfall, bridge…by herself?

  7. Thank you for the parking tip! Loved this hike. My 4 year old did it with no trouble. I carried by 17 month old in an ergo and did fine. I was wondering how you got to the “ruins”? They didn’t seem accessible from the Lullwater mansion side.

    • Lesli Peterson | 04/20/2017 at 1:37 am | Reply

      Hmmm – maybe we went when the water was lower? We just walked across the sandbar.
      Glad you had a good time!

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