Why a roundup could be better than an exclusive on an SEO-focused blog

When you’re in PR or Marketing, your energy is spent working diligently to get exposure for your business or your client’s business. Sometimes those results include a full-feature article and sometimes it includes “only” a mention in a round up.

Round up on the ranch in Wyoming

If the blog’s traffic source is primarily social media, a feature could be ideal. However, if the blog’s primary source of traffic is SEO/SERPs then a mention in a roundup piece might be the biggest win!


Why? Because Search Volume Matters


Case Study: Pumpkin Patches

I’m going to pick on our friends at Burt’s Pumpkin Farm for this example.  Burt’s is arguably one of the most popular pumpkin farms around, yet at their peak only about 1,900 people per month are searching for them.

However, there is a pumpkin patch term that almost 50,000 people are searching for in late September and early October. That’s a heck of a lot more people who could be exposed to a paragraph about Burt’s being one of the most popular patches (plus photos, video and more potentially – as well as 3rd-party validation.)

In 365 Atlanta Family’s article on pumpkin patches, which returned in position 1 of Google, Burt’s saw almost 83,000 impressions and over 4,700 click-thrus in 6 weeks.


Case Study: Birthday Parties

Knock House Music is a relatively new place in Atlanta for (among other things) kids’ birthday parties. They are new…no one is searching for Knock House Music on Google (yet.)

But the owners did a search for birthday party locations in the city and saw 365 Atlanta Family’s post on page one of Google. Guess what? Over 12,000 people a month make that search – every month!

They called…we chatted…they wanted a relationship (and I fell in love with their efforts and mission) so we added them to the round up about mid-year 2016.

The result? Knock House Music saw 88,000 impressions and over 3,100 click-thrus in only 6 months.



At 365 Atlanta Family, nothing we do is haphazard. Our posts are based on research, and the angle we take is based on what readers what to know.

Do we have a crystal ball to see what readers are looking for? Sort of.  We use a robust SEO tool that helps us determine the terms people are searching for, and terms a site of our caliber can win.

Although inclusion in a listical post may not be as flashy as a feature article, the end goal is to drive interest measured by traffic. And sometimes that can best be done being part of something bigger.


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