Jefe’s Tacos & Tequila: THE BEST Mexican Street Food + Community Fun

Drop what you’re doing right now, and head over to Jefe’s Tacos & Tequila in Brookhaven. Bring your kids, your parents, your girlfriends…You won’t regret it, and they will be forever indebted.

I know what you’re thinking…we thought the same thing initially….yet another taqueria in the Buckhead/Brookhaven district. Big whoop. But no…no, no, no! Jefe’s stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Jefe’s is located in Town Brookhaven. You know, where you’ll find Cinebistro, Costco, Publix and more. Parking is easy and free, which is another perk.

Brought to you by the same team that owns Kaleidoscope, you will enjoy the similar “neighborhood” atmosphere.  Community tables, a friendly staff and live music on Wednesdays create a feeling of warmth and familiarity. You can also enjoy the large patio, perfect for lingering a little longer with a margarita.

Our favorite part, though?


Courtesy of Jefe’s

Let’s talk specifics…here are details on what we ate and wholeheartedly recommend. We’ll start with the tacos:

My favorite was the Cajun Shrimp Po Boy. Thanks to the awesome recommendation from our waitress, I requested the shrimp grilled rather than fried (which is how it shows on the menu.) It includes lettuce, pico de gallo, and an amaze-balls comeback aioli. Come back, I will. For sure. I’m usually not a fan of  Po’ Boys, for the record. Too much bread. But in a soft flour taco shell…pure heaven.

Hubby’s favorite was the Bravocado Taco.  It’s a vegetarian option (LOTS of veggie options here!) that even meat-eaters will savor. It’s filled with fried avocado – an amazing texture! Plus black beans, corn, pico de gallo, queso cotija, and chipotle aioli.

The others we tried that were also out of this world?

The Al Pastor was exotic and delish with guajillo-pineapple spiked pork, pineapple, pickled onion, cilantro and a fiery orange sauce – served in a soft corn tortilla. You could taste the pineapple – not too strong – and perfectly balanced with the spice.

Trailer on Fire was another spicy treat (as an aside, they are not all spicy…it’s just what hubs and I prefer.) Imagine baja chicken, Jefe’s hot sauce, queso, lettuce and pico de gallo served in a flour wrap. We learned from one of the owners that this taco is a nod to the popular restaurant which used sit in the same space – Noche. Fun!

OK – let’s talk about a few other things on the menu. The food I crave even more than the tacos are the side dishes, especially the Mexican Creamed Corn. It’s char-grilled and then cut off the cob and served with a special sauce. I could eat it all day. Next time go I want to try the Green Chile Cheese Grits…but I can’t avoid the creamed corn. TWO corn sides in one lunch? Too much?? Nah!

Looking for a healthy side? Try the Charred Cauliflower, Brussels and Green Beans. They were the perfect texture, and I loved the lime dressing.

You’ll also find soups, salads and other specials like enchiladas or burritos. I had my eye on the Sope Ranchero, with crispy masa boats, refried beans, smoked pork, roasted tomatillo salsa, avocado, tomato, crema and delicious queso fresco.

Courtesy of Jefe’s

Finally – Drinks! The margaritas here are on point. Hubs went for the skinny (which BTW isn’t code for “low fat” – it’s code for “fresh squeezed.”) I had the spicy margarita which wasn’t on the menu, so be sure to ask for it! There are plenty of beers, cocktails and more…

We also visited with our two minions, who enjoyed a cheese quesadilla, which comes with refried or black beans. Two thumbs up from these guys!

Other options included a chicken taco, hot dog taco and ground beef taco. For the non-Mexican fan, there is mac n cheese – always a favorite. Another bonus? The kids’ meals are filling and extremely affordable, starting at only $3.






Disclosure: Thanks to Jefe’s for hosting my family and me. It didn’t sway us in the least…we LOVE Jefe’s and are heading back tonight!

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