12 Awesome Things You Should Know About Legoland Hotel Florida

We visited the new Legoland Hotel Florida only days before its Grand Opening, and it was EVEN BETTER THAN WE IMAGINED! I am anxious to return again and again! It might become an annual escape for our family.  While I was there I learned a great deal about the hotel and its design. Here are 12 tidbits I picked up that I thought you should know about Legoland Florida’s Hotel for your next visit to the Legoland Theme Park.

Legoland Hotel Florida

Legoland Hotel Florida


  1. It took 2 million bricks to build the creations in the hotel; the dragon alone was ½ million bricks! With 4 million bricks used in the park, the combined total is now 6 million!! Each creation is real Lego, just like you use at home, but they are glued together with Kragel.  Outdoor creations are covered with a coating to reduce wear and tear.


  1. Florida’s Legoland Hotel is the only one in the world to include a Lego Friends Suite! Suites include a king bed, two sets of bunk beds with a trundle and a living room with a pull-out couch. They also include a screened-in porch with a gorgeous view of the lake. There are four suites at Legoland Florida, one for each theme: Lego Friends, Adventure, Pirates and Kingdom.
  1. Riding up and down the elevator is an adventure! When the elevator doors close, the music starts and the disco ball spins!! You cannot help but shake your rear and boogie like Travolta! When you get to the lobby, don’t miss a jump on the giant whoopee cushion!
  1. It is 130 kid-steps to park from the hotel. This means that you can easily come and go between the park, your room, the restaurant, Master Builder classes, the pool and more. No worries about hauling the entire contents of your room into the park with you each day. No concerns about heading back to the room to change into swimsuits or take a nap.

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  1. The VIP experience includes a character breakfast. Chow on pancakes with a pirate or dine with a beautiful princess. Other characters are available, also. We had an opportunity to meet them when we visited, and they were spectacular with our kiddos. I have never experienced something so magical!


  1. You’ll find five beers on tap at Legoland Florida’s Hotel, and they are each from local Florida breweries. You’ll also find a plethora of additional libations at Skyline Lounge, which is conveniently located near the giant play castle, in an open-air lobby that allows you to relax while you keep an eye on the kids.
  1. Speaking of drinks, Legoland never forgets the kiddos. At Skyline Lounge the kids can order Kid Cocktails, too. These alcohol-free treats will make them feel super special. My boys indulged on Shirley Temples with handfuls of sweet cherries.

Executive Chef James Boheim SMALL

  1. Legoland Florida Hotel’s Chef James Boheim hails from the south, even having worked at Hyatt hotels in Atlanta. He brings healthy southern cuisine to the hotel, including smoked brisket, chicken and pork – the smoker sits out back! The food at Bricks (the hotel’s restaurant) is scrumptious! Chef told me that the only fried offering they serve is the chicken nuggets – because who would dare cater to kids without nuggets!


  1. There is a zero-entry pool out back, when you want to avoid the park’s crowds. Only hotel guests are allowed to swim here. It comes with multiple lifeguards to keep your little ones safe, floating Lego bricks and Skyline Lounge bar service. There is also a splashground for those who don’t want to play in the pool.


Legoland Florida Hotel

  1. Each kiddo staying at the hotel can take a FREE Master Builder class. It is only for the kids at the hotel, so it isn’t crowded; it’s very personable. My boys loved making an alien and alien dog, and they were able to take it home with them.


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  1. There are 5,000 Lego characters adorning the wall behind the check-in desk. Each one is different and was hand-placed with TLC. A large Lego character on a bicycle moves back and forth across the wall. Be sure to look through the wheels of his bike…they are magnifying glasses that allow you to get a better view of the mini characters.


Legoland Florida Hotel

  1. Legoland Florida Hotel is the only Orlando resort that includes breakfast. You’ll dine on pancakes, French toast, custom ordered omelets, lox and bagels, and oh-so-much-more at a breakfast feast fit for a king (or queen!) It’s right inside the Bricks restaurant, where lunch and dinner are also options throughout the day.

Need more info??

We were very thankful to be a part of the Grand Opening! Some of our other blogging friends were there, and we are posting links to their reviews as they come live, so check them out:

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Disclosure: Thanks you to Legoland for hosting my family and me. While we appreciate the hospitality, opinions here are my own. #keepingitreal

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  1. Good to know all this! We’re going in September! What time is breakfast held at?


  2. We recently stayed at the LEGOLAND Hotel and had an amazing time! Our three year old was in LEGO heaven. 🙂 See our photos and review here: http://www.skinnylattemommy.com/2015/10/legoland-hotel.html

  3. http://thecutecountrychick.com/2016/01/01/everything-is-not-awesome-if-you-are-the-bearer-of-a-legoland-florida-awesomer-pass/

    Terrible service and dishonoring to benefits that come with a purchased Awesomer Pass. My family wasted time dealing with terrible service and missed out all the Christmas festivities. Disappointing and makes us not want to go back. Very sad, this WAS one of our favorite parks.

  4. Very nice review of the opening LEGOLAND Florida Hotel. It’s truly an amazing and unique place to stay while visiting LEGOLAND Florida. I’m excited to see the new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat which opens in 2017. I wanted to share this for anyone interested in additional information on Legoland Florida I found this site very helpful: http://legolandinflorida.com

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