Kids Soar on a Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding Adventure

When neighbors heard we went to Lookout Mountain hang gliding they stop me in the street to say “My wife said you went hang gliding? Where was that? How can I do it?” Need an awesome gift for the man in your life? Try a hang gliding session. Oh yeah, and kids love it too.

Hang gliding involves soaring through the air on non motorized ‘wings’. My boys LOVED it and their first question when they hit the ground was – ‘can we go again?’ Ready for this thrill?

Kids Soar on a Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding Adventure

Our adventure started at Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding in Rising Fawn, Ga near Chattanooga. We spent the night camping at Cloudland Canyon State Park and headed to the hang gliding facility for a morning flight. Flights are by reservation only, so be sure to call ahead of time to schedule your adventure.

If you are wondering ‘where is the best hang gliding near me?’ You’ll be glad to know, Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding is the only hang gliding school between Florida and North Carolina. They offer a tandem experience that lasts about 20 minutes in flight, as well as a full day experience, which includes instruction, training flights and the tandem flight.

Tandem hang gliding with kids in Rising Fawn, Ga.

Flyers start off on the ground in a prone position and are pulled up to 2,000 feet.

Preparing for Your Hang Gliding Flight

We did a Discovery Tandem package. It wasn’t scary, in fact, I felt very safe with the flight instructor. Prior to the flight you watch a short video about hang gliding and are handed your flight passes. Each person is suited up in a full-length vest and leg straps. This holds you up in flight and probably helped to make me comfortable and feel safe in the air.

Flights start on the ground in a prone position, so there is no running. Tandem riders lie next to the instructor and hold on to handles near his hips. The glider is pulled into the air by an ultralight airplane that is specifically designed to tow hang gliders. Once you reach an altitude of about 2,000 feet, the instructor lets the tow go and you are gliding through the air.

What’s it Like to Fly?

In flight they allow you to take control if you’d like and show you how to move it back and forth, stall out and gain speed. Turning the hang glider is done by shifting body weight. As someone said, it’s more relaxing than thrilling and affords gorgeous views of surrounding Lookout Mountain.  Landing is smoother than I would have expected. Each hang glider has wheels to help with take off and landing.

Kids and Hang Gliding

As I mentioned, all the boys loved this, even my seven year old. Children as young  as five have done the tandem flight. There is a weight limit of 250 pounds with those over 230 requiring special weather conditions. I would recommend bringing a sweatshirt and wearing jeans. We went on a clear, sunny spring day, but it was still cool up in the air.

Hang gliding near Rising Fawn, Ga. and Lookout Mountain

Hi Mom!

How to get the best Selfie in Flight

You can’t bring a camera on the flight, although you can get some great pictures on the ground. If you want in flight pictures, purchase a package from Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding and they’ll take them for you. The camera is positioned on the wing and snaps periodically. Make sure to look over and get a great photo of the person’s face. Otherwise, it just looks like a random someone in the air.

Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding

Once you master gliding, launch off here. Oui!

More Adventure Near Chattanooga, TN

For more adventures in the area, take a caving tour at Cloudland Canyon with the Georgia Girl Guides. We camped at Cloudland Canyon State Park during our stay, but you could just as easily stay in nearby Chattanooga, TN if you are looking for posher accommodations. We coupled this adventure with a city tour of Chattanooga and a stay at the Chattanoogan Hotel downtown.

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Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding in Georgia

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