Magic Tree House® comes to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Magic Tree House® has arrived at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, and we couldn’t be more excited. Are these books a hit in your house, too? Come and experience three of these fantastic books with your kiddos September 24, 2016 –January 16, 2017


What you need to know

The exhibit includes a walk through three periods of American history ( and three books…) including the first Thanksgiving, the Civil War and life on the prairie circa 1870.

These three environments include period costumes, props and more than 30 hands-on learning activities.

Entrance to this exhibit is included with your museum admission.

Don’t forget to sign up for the building workshop as soon as you get there. Slots go very fast, and your kiddos will love building a treehouse out of recycled materials.

magic tree house

About the exhibits

Civil War on Sunday

  • Climb in a horse-drawn ambulance for a bumpy ride
  • Visit the Drummer Boy’s tent and try playing the drums
  • Find the hidden message in the drummer boy’s music
  • Dress up in traditional clothing worn by Civil War nurses and drummer boys
  • Take on the role of a volunteer nurse helping Clara Barton in a field hospital
  • Play an old-fashioned game of checkers or Shut-The-Box on a barrel

Twister on Tuesday

  • Role-play as the teacher and students in a one-room school house
  • Practice handwriting exercises from the McGuffey Reader on a large chalkboard
  • Crawl into a storm cellar and experience the sounds and feel of a tornado
  • Solve a puzzle to see which train makes it all the way to the west coast
  • Dress in traditional clothing worn by pioneer children traveling west across the prairies
  • Pretend to be a conductor moving levers and blowing the whistle on a steam locomotive

Thanksgiving on Thursday

  • “Ride” in a boat similar to one the pilgrims used to get from the Mayflower to Plymouth
  • Climb Plymouth Rock
  • Dig for crabs and clams at the beach
  • Dress up in traditional clothing of the Pilgrims people
  • Gather vegetables from the Pilgrims’ garden
  • Help prepare a turkey and other traditional dishes
  • Set the Thanksgiving table for the first feast
  • Explore life in a traditional pilgrim house
  • Grind corn as the Native Americans did
  • Break the code on a special Thanksgiving puzzle to learn about the magic of community
  • Hear what Jack and Annie learn from their visit to the Pilgrim settlement

magic tree house magic tree house

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