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Emory University
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Atlanta, Ga

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2015-01-13 11.44.10

The boys and I visited the Carlos Museum arlier this year for the first time, and we were delighted! When we purchased our tickets, we were handed a ring of scavenger hunt cards. BRILLIANT! These made our adventure much more enjoyable for my young sons.

A few of our favorite things? The mummies, of course! In a room right off the mummies we found a small basket on the floor filled with information about hieroglyphics. We had a blast trying to decipher a puzzle. As we continued to walk around we noted other baskets along the floor in different sections of the museum, each one with a fun hands-on activity for the kids.

Besides the wonderful museum, there are often children’s programs to enjoy. Past Family Special Events include an iron pour and Tibetan sand painting. For summer, try the Kiddo Summer Camp. Kids 3-5 will enjoy the monthly “Artful Stories at the Museum” series. There are also workshops and Family Concerts….just SOOO much! Once you visit the museum, you’ll want to participate in as much as possible on a regular basis!

Here are some photos from our initial adventure:


2015-01-13 11.44.10

2015-01-13 11.45.43 2015-01-13 11.45.50 2015-01-13 11.49.49 2015-01-13 11.49.58 2015-01-13 11.53.32




2015-01-13 11.35.33


FREE Scavenger Hunt Cards for Kids:



2015-01-13 12.26.30


2015-01-13 12.26.43

Some favorite pieces:

2015-01-13 12.22.40 2015-01-13 12.22.09 2015-01-13 12.21.26 2015-01-13 12.20.46 2015-01-13 12.20.24 2015-01-13 12.17.33 2015-01-13 12.18.14 2015-01-13 12.18.24 2015-01-13 12.18.33 2015-01-13 12.19.10 2015-01-13 12.13.58 2015-01-13 12.11.23 2015-01-13 12.10.22 2015-01-13 11.57.34 2015-01-13 11.37.44

Disclosure: No one asked me to post this; no one paid me. We loved it and wanted to share. #keepingitreal

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