6 Reasons Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory is the Perfect Party Place for Kids (& Adults)

Whether you are looking for party places for kids, Girl Scout badge programs, rainy day or cold-weather fun OR an adult party extravaganza, unique and memorable…Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory delivers.

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Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory is a party headquarters

My kiddos enjoyed a field trip here about two years ago, as well as a recent drop-in chocolate making experience. We are in love with this family-run Norcross business. The owners are kind and knowledgeable, the store is bright and fun and the chocolate is AMAZING. Pro tip: The white chocolate will keep you coming back; it’s a favorite in our family, hands-down.

Another reason to love Chamberlain’s? Their chocolate is nut-safe and gluten-free, and they are always happy to assist with special dietary and allergy needs.

Here are six reasons we think Chamberlain’s is one of the cities ideal party places for kids- and adults!

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Birthday Party Fun for Kids or Teens

Looking for the sweetest party around? You bring the guests, and they provide the fun (plus punch, ice cream cups and paper goods.) Kids will make molded chocolate treats, which they hand-paint with colored chocolate. They can also enjoy a personally designed chocolate pizza with candy toppings and more! It’s such a unique experience- a break from the typical birthday party routine that your birthday kiddo will remember for a lifetime.

School, Homeschool, Church and Camp Field Trips

A field trip to Chamberlain’s is not just fun; it’s educational. Shhh. Don’t let the kids know. Your group will learn and discuss the history and culture of chocolate from the discovery in South America to present day.  Kids get to sample different kinds of chocolate, too, creating a multi-sensory learning experience.

In addition to the history lesson, kids make and paint a molded chocolate treat, a chocolate pizza, and an Oreo cookie dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

This is the way my boys and I first enjoyed Chamberlain’s Chocolates a few years ago. We were part of a homeschool group field trip that my oldest still remembers and talk about! The class moved at a steady pace, keeping the kid’s attention. It wasn’t too long or too short….I remember leaving the class thinking that it was the ideal field trip…and my boys agree!

Girl Scout Badge Programs

Chamberlain’s offers badge opportunities for Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes, and their badge programs are approved by the Girl Scouts of America!

Brownies can earn a Snack Badge while learning about different types of chocolate (including which kid is healthiest.) Juniors earn a Business Owners Badge by understanding what it takes to run a successful chocolate business. Cadettes earn an Entrepreneur Badge learning about the operations and sales aspects of the factory.

All programs also allow each girl to create and design delicious candy treats.


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Party Ideas for Adults

Whether you are looking for birthday party ideas for adults, or fun party ideas for a baby shower, bachelorette party, or a girls’ night out, Chamberlain’s is a great idea! We all know what libation pairs best with chocolate (it rhymes with MINE!) BYOB- or drinks and snacks of your choosing.

Spend time molding and hand-painting chocolates, designing chocolate bark and hand-rolling rich chocolate truffles. You’ll also enjoy fresh fruit dipped in Chamberlain’s sinfully delicious chocolate.


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Chocolate Fun Anytime, for Anyone

For rainy days, cold-weather fun, date nights or a special adult birthday party treat, there are two other ways to enjoy Chamberlain’s:

Drop In Chocolate Making

Every Tuesday – Thursday from 2 pm to 4 pm, drop in for a special chocolate treat. You can create a chocolate mold and hand paint it with colored chocolates, paint a 3D molded chocolate creation or create your own candy bar (and design your own wrapper.) Prices start at only $10.

Chocolatier for a Day

This is truly the ultimate experience for your chocolate-lover. Go behind the scenes and experience tempering the chocolate, making truffles, molding and decorating (and sampling the wares!) This 4-hour experience is incredibly affordable, and a perfect “experiential” gift for your beloved Willy Wonka.


Disclosure: Thanks to Chamberlains for sponsoring this post. As always, if we didn’t think it was awesome, we wouldn’t share!

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