Why To Ski In Park City + Best Tips For An Affordable Vacation

Before the little kids, Dan and I used to go snowboarding in the west regularly. We’ve been to several resorts, but Park City was one of the most memorable. We loved the bohemian feel of the town and the surreal snow that Utah offers skiers and snowboarders.

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Thanks to Ski Utah and Visit Park City, we are finally treating our boys to the wonders Park City this winter…but we’re not going until the end of the season. However I was lucky enough to meet with Park City recently, and they shared a number of really awesome tips that I didn’t want to wait to share with YOU.


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Why Atlanta Loves Park City

It’s Fast and Affordable. Salt Lake City is only 35 minutes from the ski resorts, and the airport there is another Delta hub. That means you’ll find frequent, affordable direct flights on a regular basis. Total win!

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It’s Family-Friendly. Park City and the surrounding ski resorts are exceptionally friendly – it’s just part of their culture. You’ll find family-friendly lodging and dining, ski and snowboard schools, plus TONS of exciting things to do in Park City.

I’m very excited to ride the scenic railroad, try out kids’ snowmobiles, visit the Olympic Park, take on dog sledding (what?!? how cool!) and even bobsledding! And that’s just winter…there are even more amazing things to do when the snow melts!

It’s Easy For Beginners. Yes, there are ski schools for both kids and adults. But here is what I love – the snow! There is just something special about the Utah snow…it is exceptionally soft and forgiving. This means that young kids (and grandparents) can feel a little more confident about getting on skis. Teens and adults can also push themselves a little harder, knowing there is a cushion (not an ice block) to catch their fall.


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When To Visit Park City

Anytime you can head west and play in the snow or climb the mountains, it’s a good day – right? But here are some tips we pried from Visit Park City that can help make your vacation memorable and affordable.

Come Early. Ski season begins mid-November, but most families are not going to be hitting the slopes until after Thanksgiving. If you want to avoid the crowds, then come early in the season. In fact, consider ending your vacation over Thanksgiving, when Park City provides some great resources for celebrating the holiday (including multi-family lodging!)

Avoid Christmas. I know- you want snow on Christmas. So does everyone else! Christmas is the peak time for Utah’s resorts, and consequently, it is the most expensive. Unless you love hitting the slopes with half the western coast for peak prices, then give the gift of a ski vacation…just don’t take it until later in the season.

Avoid Sundance Film Festival Week. For 10 days in January, the rich and famous head to Park City for this world-famous film festival. Granted, the slopes are usually desolate…but hotels and more are priced for the luxury traveler. Need the scoop on which days to avoid? Check out the dates here.

Come Late. In late season, the crowds begin to thin out, but the snow is still great. In fact, you can sometimes ski in March with short sleeves (that’s what we want to do!) Prices also go down during this time, so you’ll get the best bang for your ski-vacation buck. Plan for late February to mid-March for the best prices.

Don’t Skip Summer. Don’t forget that affordable and easy flights are available all year round, and there is SO MUCH to do in Park City during the warm months, too. Hiking, mountain biking, zip-lining, paddle boarding…it’s endless…the breathtaking views at every turn!

Come Back In Fall. “Autumn” in Park City happens much earlier than here in Georgia, so a short trip west is great way to escape the end-of-summer heat and humidity. Once the kids are settled into school, leave them with the grandparents and take a couples’ vacation. Because of the elevation, the leaves change colors in September. Plan your trip right, and you can see one of country’s rarest and most beautiful weather phenomena – brightly colored foliage covered in a blanket of the season’s first snowfall. Enjoy sweaters, scarfs, pumpkin lattes and blue-ribbon fly fishing.  Rates are low during the Fall and Spring ‘shoulder’ seasons, even though the vistas are breathtaking…it’s a little-known local’s secret (and you heard it here!)

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Park City should be high on every Atlanta family's bucket list, and here's why...plus money saving tips for your next ski (or summer) vacation out west.

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