Unique Things to do at Disney World that make Awesome Souvenirs

If you’ve been to Orlando more than once, you may be ready to find some unique things to do at Disney World beside going on rides. How does vanquishing evil villains, searching for pirate booty, catching the bad guy, and exploring the wilderness sound? It’s all in a days work at Walt Disney World, and it’s all FREE with park admission.

Unique things to do at Disney World that make awesome souvenirs

Unique Things to do at Disney Parks that make Awesome Souvenirs

Disney is known for attention to details, but rarely do we stop long enough to truly appreciate them. The following four in-park scavenger hunts are special things to do in Disney World that make you slow down a bit and really enjoy what’s around you. We’ve also added two additional cool things to do in Disney World.

So, are you ready to get out of the ride line and go on an adventure?

Free Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunts via @FieldtripswSue

The map and cards you received free to begin your Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom quest make great (and cheap) souvenirs.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game is one of those special things to do at Disney World that you won’t notice at first.

The game is an interactive adventure through the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, where apprentice sorcerers use spells in the form of cards to defeat Disney Villains.

My 8-year-old thought it was the best part of our recent visit to Disney (and this was the year he discovered Space Mountain!)

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Map and Cards

The map and cards are free with your Magic Kingdom admission. The game starts at one of two ‘recruitment stations.’ The Fire Station at the beginning of Main Street is the first recruitment station, but there is another in Liberty Square with shorter lines, especially in the morning.

Once armed with the right tools, (a special map, key and five spell cards), Merlin the Magician, from the Sword and the Stone makes you his apprentice. Then it’s off on the first mission!

Each set of cards sends you on a different adventure that starts in a different location.  Use the map provided to find portals throughout the Magic Kingdom. Once you find the portal, use your magic band or a card provided to you to activate the game at that location.  Use the spell cards to defeat the villains.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Completing The Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Missions

Each mission takes about 20 minutes to complete. Completing the entire game takes about five hours. Once you’ve done that, return to the recruitment station for a new set of cards. Each new set of cards sends you on increasingly harder missions.

The game is a lot of fun, and it’s a great way for return visitors to experience the park in a whole new way.  Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom debuted in early 2012, so it’s still fairly new. I see so many possibilities for the game. My sons were keen to know if they could continue playing at home – that would be fantastic and from a marketing perspective, a great way to keep kids (especially boys in the difficult to reach tween range) engaged with the brand.

When we first started playing this game, I thought wait times would be an issue, but we’ve been playing for a couple years now on our annual vacation here, we have only had to wait for one, possible two people to finish at a portal, and it’s never long. Since each person takes a separate route, you don’t necessarily see the same thing at the portal either.

Pirate Adventure at Disney's Magic Kingdom is one of several unique things to do at Disney World

A Pirate’s Adventure at the Magic Kingdom

If wandering throughout the entire Magic Kingdom with Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a bit much for you, then try a Pirate’s Adventure which is another one of those secret things to do at Disney World that is only throughout Adventureland.

Captain Jack Sparrow needs help raiding five treasures throughout Adventureland. A magic talisman starts the game and one of five maps guide you on your quest. The recruitment headquarters is a small building across from Peco’s Bill’s restaurant and outside the Pirates of the Caribbean shop. Afterwards, you can keep the maps as a souvenir.

Free Walt Disney World Scavenger Hunts via @FieldtripswSue

Unpaid Internships Available. They don’t tell you you’re undertaking a dangerous spy mission around the world.

Agent P’s Adventure at EPCOT

There are spy’s everywhere. Jet setting from one country to another, keeping the world safe from the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz. And it’s all done from a hand held device picked up in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT World Showcase.

Agent P is actually Perry the Platypus from the popular Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb. He needs your help to defeat Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

Registering for Agent P’s Adventure

Agents sign on at a recruitment center. There are recruitment centers at Odyssey Bridge, Norway Pavilion, Italy Pavilion or near the International Gateway. Here you’ll receive your spy device (very similar to a cell phone) and instructions on how to play the game. Each device starts in a different place and takes you to various countries in World Showcase.

Explore World Showcase with Agent P

The best part of Agent P’s adventure is discovering hidden areas of World Showcase. It gives you an excuse to truly explore, and find some fun surprises along the way – which is why I think this is such a cool things to do in Disney World.

You really do feel like a secret agent. While most of the guests are busy shopping or choosing their next snack, your team is getting a somewhat secret tour and uncovering hidden in plain site interactive objects. Plus, your kids get their own phone to interact with a favorite TV persona.

Disney's Wilderness Explorer Handbook is one of the cool things to do in Disney World

Wilderness Explorers at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

“A Wilderness Explorer is a friend to all, be it plants or fish or tiny mole.”

Russell, the over achieving kid that stowed away on Carl Fredricksen’s balloon house in the movie UP, is a Wilderness Explorer. And now you can be too. The Wilderness Explorer’s Program at Animal Kingdom is one of several in-park scavenger hunts at Walt Disney World – one of those awesome unusual things to do in Disney World that most folks don’t know about.

The Wilderness Explorer program at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is education disguised as fun.

Wilderness Explorers is one of the cool things to do in Disney World

Learning the Explorer’s Pledge and learning the Wilderness Explorers Call.

After taking the Wilderness Explorer pledge, learn the official Caw Caw Roar call for the first of 31 different badges on animal behavior, geography, conservation and more. Earn enough badges and become a Senior Wilderness Explorer.

Just like in scouts, the badges have varying degrees of difficulty. The first badge is garnered simply by stating the pledge and learning the Caw Caw Roar call. Simple and fun.

From there, use the map in your Wilderness Explorer’s Handbook to find stations throughout Animal Kingdom. Follow the instructions for the badge, and when you are done, find a troop leader or a badge guide. Show them your findings and secure your badge.

What we thought of the Wilderness Explorer Program

We visited Animal Kingdom on our last day at Walt Disney World and didn’t have a lot of time to complete many tasks, but the good news is that we can keep the Wilderness Explorers handbook and bring it back next time to pick up where we left off.

The book itself is a great keepsake (made from recycled paper of course) and fun to read through. I think next time we go to Animal Kingdom, I’ll use the Wilderness Explorer’s handbook as a guide to getting around the park.

Create Your Own Souvenirs at Kidcot 

At World Showcase in Epcot, children can create their own souvenirs at the park’s Kidcot Funstops located in each of the pavilions. Craftsmen teach the budding artisans how to create one-of-a-kind masks or musical instruments using their own magical touch. It’s a fun and free way to engage kids in World Showcase. Animal Kingdom used to have a similar program called Disney Discovery Kids Club, where kids collect stamps for a bonus prize, but I’m not sure it’s still there. It may have been replaced by the Wilderness Explorers.

Disney Stickers at the Magic Kingdom

Collecting Stickers at the Magic Kingdom

On our most recent trip to the Magic Kingdom, we collected stickers at all the gift shops. This is not as formal a program as the various scavenger hunts. Some stores had stickers, some didn’t. We found a few stickers were available from the ride attendants.

I asked several cast members if there was a system and all said no. There was not set schedule for when they receive stickers and they give them out until they were gone. Some folks kept them behind the counter, others kept a few in their pockets.  So basically, you just need to ask. I generally found my stickers from the counter in the shops.

I tried to get stickers at Hollywood Studios too, but had no luck. Many of the shop keepers said they do get stickers, but they were out. Hollywood Studios seemed more random than Magic Kingdom, and eventually I gave up.

All that said, getting the stickers was a fun way to interact with the cast members and gave me an excuse to pop into various shops, much to my son’s dismay.

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Unique Things to do at Disney World

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