Vintage Frozen Custard: Ultimate Roadside Ice Cream in Midtown

Vintage Frozen Custard is the perfect name for this establishment. Visiting here takes me back to being a kid, stopping at a roadside stand after my brother’s little league games.

Vintage Frozen Custard, Atlanta

Ice Cream Tour of Atlanta: Vintage Frozen Custard

Vintage Frozen Custard is a throwback walk-up frozen custard stand you’d expect to see on a country road. Instead, it’s in an unlikely location, the Westside Corridor of Atlanta, sandwiched between mid-rise condos, salvage yards and restaurants. I’ve passed it a few times going down Howell Mill Road and each time it caught my eye. When I decided to embark on an ice cream tour of Atlanta, Vintage Frozen Custard was an obvious first stop.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

When I was a kid, we used to visit a frozen custard stand after my brother’s little league games. Samascott’s was a walk up establishment flanked by an apple orchard. I remember huge vanilla cones dipped in chocolate sauce that you had to eat quickly before it melted between the cracks in the hard chocolate shell and got all over you. Trips to that roadside ice cream stand made hanging out at the ball field for hours on end almost worth it. I think that’s one reason why Vintage’s walk-up establishment intrigued me.

Vintage Frozen Custard via @FieldTripswSue

Enjoying an Apple Brown Betty Classic Mix

Ice Cream Tour of Atlanta: Vintage Frozen Custard…What We Had

The two oldest boys had the Apple Brown Betty Classic Mix, which was like apple pie ala mode in a cup, with graham crackers at the bottom of the cup, a generous amount of custard and a tasty apple compote on top. The youngest went for the Cookie Crumble Classic Mix. Chocolate custard nestled atop cookie crumbs with a thick fudgey topping. My son felt the fudge was a bit too fudgey, but that’s what I liked best about it (yes, I sampled all of them). I opted for the Salted Carmel Everydae, digging deep to make sure to get salted nuts, caramel and whipped cream in each spoonful. It was delicious.

Frozen Custard vs. Soft Serve Ice Cream

My research shows that both soft serve ice cream and frozen custard are made with milk, cream and sugar.   The additional ingredient that gives frozen custard it’s creamy texture is pasturized egg yolk. The other difference is how much air is mixed into the product during the process. The higher the overrun the more air.

Ice Cream Tour of Atlanta: Vintage Frozen CustardIce Cream Tour of Atlanta: Vintage Frozen Custard…Know Before You Go

Vintage is right down the street from the White Provisions area at 14th and Howell Mill, so if you are there for dinner, leave the car and take the short stroll down the sidewalks to the Vintage custard stand.  There are only a few parking spots in front of the stand, so I image on busy nights, that can be a real problem if you drive. This is a walk-up stand, so everything is outside – which is wonderful, unless it isn’t because it’s rainy or cold. There are a few tables outside, but again, if it’s real busy, I image those tables would be a premium. We went on a wet weekday afternoon, so parking and service wasn’t a problem.

Vintage Frozen Custard via @FieldTripswSue

Apple Brown Betty Classic Mix..Mmmmmmm

The only downside to Vintage is cost. It’s just expensive to take a family out for ice cream, but then, we could have opted for a simple cone instead of a more elaborate (and expensive) treat. However, I felt if we were reviewing the place, we needed to taste more than just the ice cream – at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Where is Your Favorite Ice Cream Stand?

Do you have a favorite local ice cream parlor or stand? Tell me about it in the comments below. I’m working on an ice cream tour of Atlanta, and of Georgia, so I’d like to hear your favorite places and why. Bonus points if you send me pictures:)

Vintage Frozen Custard

1021 Howell Mill Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30318

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Vintage Frozen Custard

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